Mobility in Constanta, Romania

Exactly two years after the last mobility organized in Greece, between 21-24 February 2022, “Mihai Eminescu” National College organized the exchange of short-term students within the Erasmus+ project Key Action 2 (KA229) – Strategic interschool exchange partnerships “BE MY VOICE”. The participating delegations were those of the countries participating in the project: Turkey – two schools, Greece, Latvia, and Romania (twenty students and twelve teachers from Turkey, Latvia, and Greece were present).

The purpose of the third meeting was to present the dubbed and subtitled films, worked by the students of each school involved in the project, namely "The Blue Rose". Each participating country was filmed in its native language, with each participating country doubling and subtitling the English text.

The program of the meeting was diverse and extremely comprehensive. Thus, on the first day of work, we made a presentation about the school and a tour of the Old City. We got to know each other better by creating friendship bracelets, and interactive games of knowledge. On the second day of the meeting, activities were carried out to know the national culture and architecture of the capital city Bucharest by visiting the Palace of Parliament, the Old Town, the Village Museum, and Herastrau Park. The third day of the meeting continued with activities related to the local history by visiting the touristic objectives in Mangalia, with all the elements regarding multiculturalism in the Dobrogea region. On the last day, the next steps of the project were established, and the website was presented. The European Language Certificate won by CNME due to the activities carried out within the project was presented as well and the following activities were discussed. Students made 3D materials using a 3D printing printer, played volleyball and basketball, socialized, and received certificates of participation.

The project is co-financed by the European Commission through the National Agency for Community programs in the field of Education and training with the amount of 22.119 euros.

The main objective of this project is to promote multilingualism and European cultures and languages. The project encourages the participating schools to use the dubbing technique in teaching foreign languages, a method that improves the skills of writing, reading, speaking, and listening in English, French, and German, but also the less widely used languages in Europe. The project combines the study of foreign languages with information techniques, cinematographic techniques, dubbing, and subtitling.

The results of the project will consist of a collection of films created and dubbed by students, a manual about the practical use of this method in pedagogical practice, a project website, and an online magazine.

A fost un efort de echipă, ECHIPA DE AUR a CNME: directori, profesori, elevi, părinți! Mulțumim tuturor pentru implicare și susținere, pentru contribuția la reușita acestei reuniuni transnaționale! ERASMUS+ schimbă vieți!

Prof. Bianca-Virginia Ibadula
Project coordinator,
Claudia Portase